This website uses cookies in order to provide a better service and to make the use of our website easier. A cookie is a small text file stored on any device with navigation information. There are different kinds of cookies, and their main goal is to improve the quality of our website and enable certain functions, letting us see which pages are useful, which are not and what could be improved. Cookies are essential to the fluent operation of the Internet. In particular:

  • They allow an efficient web surfing from one part of the website to another.
  • They save the user name and his preferences.
  • They allow the user to avoid to insert the same information (user name and password) more times during the web surfing.
  • They measure the user’s use of services to improve the web surfing experience and the services.
  • They show customized ads according to the user’s interests and behaviour.

How can I avoid to save cookies on my computer?

It is necessary to set your preferences for cookies on every browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari). There are different ways to manage cookies, for example: completely enabling or disabling them; deleting specific cookies that have been saved in the browser; prevent your browser from saving cookies from specific websites; or block third party cookies (when cookies are saved on your computer by another website while web surfing). 

How can I disable/manage cookies?

Should you be doubtful or worried concerning the use of cookies, you can change your privacy setting in order to stop the enabling of certain cookies or using the tool we provide in this note.

For further information on how to remove cookies from your computer:

For further information on how to manage cookies in your browser:

Data processing Responsible

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As the installation of Cookies or other tracking systems operated by third parties through this online space cannot be controlled by the Responsible, any reference to cookies or tracking system controlled by third parties is purely indicative. For complete information, see the privacy policy concerning the possible third party services named in this document.

Given the objective difficulty in identifying cookie based technologies and their close integration with the working of the web, the User shall contact the Responsible in case he needs any further information concerning the use of Cookies and other possible uses -for instance by third parties- made through this website.

This documents refers to any online space (websites, platforms, tools, etc) owned by the Responsible. The User shall contact the Responsible in case he needs any further information concerning the tools of a specific web space.

Types of cookies

There are different kinds of cookies. Below you will find the description of the kind of cookies which can be used in this website together with the description of their aim.

Please note! The list may not be updated due to modifications by third party services. See the Privacy Policy section for further details.

Technical cookies

This kind of cookies are necessary for the correct working of some areas of the website. They include both persistent and session cookies. Without them the website or some parts of it may not work properly. They are always used independently from the user’s options. The cookies belonging to this category are always sent by our domain.

Analytical Cookies

This kind of cookies are used to collect information concerning the use of the website. The Responsible uses this information to make statistical analysis on the activity and use of users of the service provided. The analysis of the web surfing is used to improve the supply of products and services offered and to monitor the correct operation of the website. This kind of cookie collects ANONYMOUS information about the users and the way they have reached the website. These cookies are sent by the website or by third party domains   

Here is a list of third party services used by this website

  • Google Analytics (Google Inc.). It is used to count our website visits and to perform business statistics. It is important to improve customer experience and customer service Privacy Policy – Opt Out
  • Facebook Pixel (Facebook Inc.). It is used to count our website visits and to perform business statistics. It is important to improve digital advertisiment on social networks Cookies Policy

First-party Profiling Cookies 

These cookies are used to track the customer’s profile and customize the website visualization and concerning communication to make them more suitable for the customer.

This website does not use first-party profiling cookies

Third party integration cookies

This kind of cookies is used to integrate third party functions in the website (for example comment forms or social network icons which allow the user to share the contents of the website). These cookies may be sent by partner websites’ domains or by websites offering functions in the website.

The Responsible of the data informs that by not accepting the installation of these cookies, some parts of the website may not work properly. Remember that it is possible to modify your preferences concerning cookies at any time. It is also possible to disable cookies, but this may cause the impossibility for the user to use some parts of the Website.

Please note! Once a Third party cookie has been installed, the Responsible cannot cancel them directly. It is necessary to enter the privacy policy page of every third party website to remove the cookies. These websites’ privacy policy may be different from the one adopted by the Responsible, who, as a consequence, will not be vouch for Third party websites.

In accordance with art. 122 seconds paragraph of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 the consent to use cookies depends on the individual setting for the browser used for web surfing. The user will be able to communicate at any time to the Responsible of data processing his will concerning the data which are processed through cookies accepted by the browser.

This website does not use cookies for Third Party functions integration.