Cooling weighted blanket
  • Cooling weighted blanket
  • Cooling weighted blanket
  • Cooling weighted blanket
  • Cooling weighted blanket
  • Cooling weighted blanket

Cooling weighted blanket

Includes 1 inner weighted blanket (200 x 120 cm) and 1 cooling duvet cover in linen-cotton (200 x 120 cm). Select the closest weight to 10% of body weight (e.g. Guido is 65kg, blanket of 6.8kg; Anna is 55kg, blanket of 4.5kg).

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It is the best solution for relaxing, it reduces stress and improves sleep quality.
Feel pampered, reconcile your physical and inner well-being.

The weighted blanket is made of a linen-cotton cover that keeps you cool and fresh
and an inner blanket filled with glass microspheres.

External Cover

coperta ponderata

Inner Blanket

External Cover

The external cover is a linen-cotton fabric.
An ultra-soft, natural and breathable material.
Designed and Made in Italy.

Inner Blanket

The inner blanket has small square sections that are filled with glass microspheres, which allows the weight to be distributed.
The inner fabric is 100% cotton.

The weighted blanket on the bed

The weighted blanket on the sofa

Stripe blue: Our Best Seller

Coolness and deep pressure stimulation

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10% of body weight recommended (from 5 to 10kg).


Deep pressure stimulation effects.


The body releases melatonin and serotonin.


Stress reduced and relax increased.

The science behind it

Although weighted blankets have long been used in the medical community, only recently studies begun to discuss the various health benefits.
The results found so far are remarkable.

Weighted blankets use the power of proprioceptive input, also known as “deep touch" pressure stimulation, which is a well-regarded therapeutic treatment that stimulates pressure points found in the body.
This pressure stimulation contributes to the improvement of sleep, mood, and relaxation

This also contributes to the reduction of cortisol levels and increases the production of serotonin.
Therefore, the treatment helps regulate both heart rate and blood pressure.

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Weighted blanket

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Data sheet

External cover 55% Linen 45% Cotton; inner weighted blanket 100% cotton, filled with non toxic glass beads
120 x 200 cm
Made in
Inner blanket China, external cover Italy
Inner blanket cHCKU
Cover hHUEL

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